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Cockroaches are by far one of the most hated vermin across Toronto and for good reason. These revolting bugs spread disease and contaminate food. Unfortunately, over the counter measures are not very effective against them, so in case of infestation, your best bet is to contact the experts at EAST WEST PEST CONTROL!

How to Tell if Cockroaches have Invaded

There are a few ways to tell if cockroaches have snuck into your home, namely:

  • Live sightings: Roaches, like bedbugs and mice, are more active at night, being nocturnal. Large infestations will produce sightings both day and night.
  • Smell: Large roach infestations will produce a foul smell due to the build-up of excrement (black spots).
  • Egg sacs and body parts: These can be found during inspections. Egg sacs on average contain 30 babies and take only a few weeks to hatch.

Call the experts at EAST WEST PEST CONTROL as soon as you can if you spot more than a couple of these bugs around your home. Remember, if you’ve seen more than one, there’s undoubtably a whole colony behind them.

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Cockroach Exterminator Toronto

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How Do We Get Rid Of the Roaches

EAST WEST PEST CONTROL has different approaches to dealing with a cockroach infestation, depending on the severity:

Mild-to-Moderate Infestation? A gel treatment for cockroaches can be applied in moderate infestations. This treatment requires no preparations and you do not have to vacate the building. The gel is a protein bait that the cockroaches eat. It is safe to use even if you have pets or children.

Moderate-to-Severe Infestation? If you have a moderate-to-severe infestation, a thorough preparation and spray is recommended.

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Cockroach Exterminator York

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