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Ants are the most populous insect on the planet, and one of the cleanest pests around. There are almost no health concerns with most ant species, but they do tend to get in everything and cause a nuisance. If you start seeing trails of ants in your home, call the experts at EAST WEST PEST CONTROL to handle things for you!

The Problem with Ants

Ants are not your typical pest, since they are generally accepted as harmless and oftentimes even beneficial insects to our ecosystem, unlike their close cousins, wasps and cockroaches. However, the little hard workers can infest our homes and cause problems in the kitchen. You may notice just a few of them, scouting around and checking for available food sources in your pantry at first. But sooner or later, the entire colony will join in to feast on your stored food.

Ants are not health-hazardous, as they do not transmit diseases, but some species do bite if disturbed. They are also known to cause damage to electrical wiring, so it is important to act fast and turn to EAST WEST PEST CONTROL for professional assistance.

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Ant Exterminator Toronto

Ants go marching on and on


How do we get rid of Ant Infestations

Our ant treatments usually require 1 visit. During this session, the technician will first of all inspect your property thoroughly in order to determine the severity of the ant infestation and decide on the most appropriate extermination method.

The preferred method of the EAST WEST PEST CONTROL team is spraying and applying a special gel in the affected areas. Ants passing through these spots will carry the gel to the nest where it will affect the whole colony.

The treatment should be effective for 5 days. This means you shouldn’t vacuum or wipe the treated areas for this period of time for maximum results.
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Ant Exterminator York

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