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Mice Toronto

Forget Ratatouille. Mice are vectors of diseases which can have serious impacts on the health of people who have been afflicted.

No Quarter For Mice, Roaches, Bugs and other Pests

Women (and home-owners in general for that matter) are right to be alarmed when they spot a mouse in their homes. Indeed, mice can act as carriers for more than 35 known diseases, from the common Salmonellosis which can cause food poisoning, to more dire ones such as Plague. It's not only important for home dwellers, but for proprietors too! Landlords who are looking to rent their property have to be especially careful when it comes to the maintenance of their buildings. Hirers might pack their bags and leave at the slightest indication of bug infestation or presence of mice.

If you have a mouse problem in Toronto, we are the solution. At EAST WEST PEST CONTROL, we are experts in the eradication of mice, bed bugs, ants and all other types of pests.